Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Tuesday swim

Alas, in the cold light of day I see that I cannot do the Shawagunks and an Ironman race within a week of each other - it is not just the racing, it is a question of training and preparation, it would be too crazy! I am going to console myself by making a "notional future races" sidebar for things I cannot yet sanely schedule but ardently desire to do...

Only had about 35 minutes in the pool, but tried to use them wisely. Schedule a bit tricky this week as far as practicing my butterfly stuff goes - I am trying to cram a lot in (book-finishing; increasing run miles, taking advantage of my last spell of outdoor biking, trainer sessions), it is a question of having a lot of different priorities!

Warmup: 200 free (flip turns!), 2 x (50 back, 50 breast)

Then (along these lines, not sure if this is exact):

5 x 30 seconds vertical dolphin kick + 10 seconds rest

2 x 25 dolphin kick with board

2 x 25 dolphin kick on front, no board (breast pull when breathing)

4 x 25 dolphin kick on side, alternating sides

2 x 25 one-arm fly

2 x 25 right, left, full stroke

2 x 25 full stroke

4 x 50 on 1:15 fly down, free back

2 x 25 kick on side

1 x 50 fly down, free back

1 x 50 back cooldown

Some bits of vertical kick here and there, whenever I felt I was forgetting the feel of it; I did not have so strongly and so well as I did at the end of the lesson on Friday that feeling of kicking myself out of the water, so that is what I will concentrate on trying to reattain. Might be a good idea just to try and sneak in for 20 minutes evening dolphin kicking over next couple days...

1100 yards total

I note that I have run out of coffee - I could not have a clearer incentive to get off-line, get showered and get myself out of the house to a cafe to do some work!

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Wendy said...

Run out of coffee??? Yikes!!!

It is a good idea to have a notional sidebar.

A good little swim.

P.S. I recognize some of those fifties! ;-)