Monday, July 13, 2009

Monday swim/TOB

Only a short swim - first I could not drag myself out of bed, then there was need for Ritual Chat!

200 free, 200 kick with board (flutter, whip, dolphin, flutter by 50)

2 x (4 x 50 free descending), first set on 1:15 and second set on 1:10 (all with flip turns)

(Mental challenge to keep track of the times other than moment by moment, so I cannot tell you what I did, but I definitely can descend pretty steadily even on the faster interval, from something like :58 to :51-52? For some reason in practice we usually do the kind of descending set where the interval shortens also - those are good too, but these are easier to concentrate on...)

2 x 50 "splash-back" drill (I am thinking that there is more power I could be getting in the back part of the stroke, only I am not sure this is the best drill for me - I get very straight-armed while doing it, I must work on this!)

50 free (build-fast by 25)

2 x 100 free (first 50 drill, second 50 build-fast); I did catch-up, zipper

And then I was taken aback to see that time was up!

1150 yards total

(Instead of going to the 8:30-9:30 swim Tues-Thurs. this week, I'm cleared to go to the Tues-Thurs-Fri 11-12 slot - I didn't sign up for it originally because I am well capable of defaulting to an incredibly late getting-up time, and didn't want to encourage it, but for this week it will be more realistic if I want to get some work done in the morning before I swim to switch to the later slot.)

Then I went and did 4 Central Park loops - it is a beautiful day for a bike ride, humidity in these parts has been uncharacteristically low for July and it was truly lovely.

Lungs still quite congested, so I've bitten the bullet and made a doctor's appointment for Thursday, just to be on the safe side - I am 90% sure she will tell me it's viral and there's nothing she can give me, but still...


ShirleyPerly said...

I'm amazed you can remember as much as you do of your swim workouts!

And sorry to hear the lungs are not much better. I'm not a fan of seeing docs but think perhaps getting rid of that 10% doubt will help ease the mind at least.

Wendy said...


I like descending sets, too. I think they are a good pacing challenge.