Thursday, July 9, 2009

Thursday swim

Still only about 85%, I would say, but much better than I have felt for the last three days or so, so I will take what I can get.

Just had a short easy swim, will have a bike ride midday since that is what I really need to do most, will play it by ear as far as how I feel. Supposed to meet the trainer later - he canceled Tuesday's, since he was clearly having the same ailment that I was, it was a fortunate coincidence! - but perhaps I should call and cancel and we'll just start on Tuesday next week instead.

10 x 100 as 75 free, 25 stroke: odds open turns + breast, evens flip turns + back

4 x 100 drill-swim by 25: catch-up, finger-drag, fists, zipper

1400 yards total

1 comment:

Wendy said...

Cancel. Ease in to back on track with routine things. (At least that's what I'd do!)

Glad to see flip turns in your easy swim!