Monday, March 21, 2016

AM run, hot yoga

:40 first thing. Then hot yoga just now, not bad (MUCH less hot than usual, happily for me!) but 2 annoyances: (a) teacher is a poor timekeeper, I have noticed it before but today the class which should have been only 1hr ran close to 90min, leaving me now with not enough time to get properly ready to go to the airport! (b) a first-timer next to me was a TERRIBLE mouth-breather - huge groans, moans and sighs more appropriate for sex than for the yoga studio - I think the teacher should have told her that in this particular kind of yoga you are meant to be breathing quietly in and out only through your nose unless otherwise specified! (Yes, I know I sound like the worst kind of yoga pedant.)

:40 run
1.5hr hot yoga

And that is the end of spa week - next 6-8 weeks are pretty much my CRAZIEST work period, possibly to unprecedented levels due to combination of tenure committee and SEL review essay (due, unfortunately, April 20). Hoping to cling to sanity and maintain some semblance of nutritional soundness - that is about all I can ask....

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