Saturday, March 26, 2016

Swim double!

It is just WRONG to get up that early on a Saturday, but it was a glorious swim double when it came down to it - I lost focus a little towards the end of the workout, but came back strong for last bit (don't think I was underfueled, just mentally tired). No hope really I think of logging exactly what we did, but:

1hr clinic! Working on streamline by way of a lot of different kicks (superman, steeple, streamline) in various formats

1.5hr workout - c. 2800 yards maybe?

Stopped at pharmacy en route home to pick up prescriptions that if I left them there more days were going to get swallowed back into the system, and also at pet store to order cat supplies for later delivery. Just drinking a seltzer now and fully intend after that to go back to bed!

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