Friday, March 25, 2016

Upper body!

It was so crowded that we were thwarted every time we tried to get an actual bench, but really it doesn't matter, I just need a solid second session each week on upper body stuff (next week I will be away from Thursday through the following Tuesday, alas, so everything will be off kilter and I'll get home really tired!).

Hard to log everything after the fact, but we're working entirely in supersets, mostly paired exercises, either 5 A @ X, 10B @ Y; 10A @ X-something, 15B @ Y-something, and then another set that works the other way round; or else (with skull-crushers) one side and then the other, or just straight sets with curls (5, 10, 15 x 3). Paired: dumbbell press/fly; front raise/front row; dips/pullups (with assist), etc.

:50 good upper body workout

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