Tuesday, March 1, 2016


Oh dear, disaster narrowly averted - usually I am pretty well on top of things, but I am in true overload mode just now and it was not surprising to me that this afternoon went thoroughly awry! Immediately post-run I was blissed out, but then I felt overwhelmingly tired and lay down for half an hour with a precautionary alarm. Didn't fall asleep, but was still in a haze of fatigue when I got up, and took longer than usual to get ready and get out of the house.

Trains were running a little behind. Around 103rd St. I had the horrible realization that I'd left my plastic bag of gym clothes at home, and resolved to get off at 96th and get the uptown train home, then ride bike down (by now I was already running late - it was almost 4:30 or so, workout starts at 5 and it takes a while to get there - bike is quicker though it's still a bit cold for that).

A moment later, though, I realized that more importantly I had also forgotten that I was supposed to get allergy shots at 4pm at 14th St.!

Quick mental triage, allergy shots were most important, so I texted Josh to say I'd be late (there's a 6pm session too so it's not a disaster). Got the shots around 4:45 (really it doesn't matter that much when you go in), then found the ASICS store on 14th St. en route to gym and bought emergency pants, shirt and sports bra! Not sure about the true functionality of the last item, but the first two are very nice, only it is such a silly way to manage time and money....

Quite good workout, only it's a bit anticlimactic to get up to heavy singles on bench and find they're not that heavy - I didn't feel fully warmed up, it's a delicate balance between that and overdoing it. A nice session, though.

bench: warmup then singles up to 125

dumbbell floor press: 5 x 10 x 32.5 (pause at bottom)

reverse fly: 4 x 20 x 10lb

circuit x 5:

5 pushups
10 ring rows
20 triceps pulldown with band

1hr upper body

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