Thursday, March 17, 2016


Hahahahaha, BEST possible start to the day, I am in a super-good mood now! (The contrast to when I ride my BICYCLE over to the pool is stark!)

:30 run (it's about :15 over there, jogged some more laps around the school to round it out to thirty)
1:00 swim!

Small number of swimmers so I got to request my particular favorite once we'd warmed up - drill work! Resolved to get back in the pool properly now - I really did renew my swim commitment earlier this year but things are chaotic for me in my work life from January to May and I slipped out of the routine again. Really going to make it happen this time, or going to try my utmost anyway.

400 swim
400 kick
6 x 50 as 2 drill concentrating on long reach/high shoulder and elbow in water, pull forearm to vertical then EXPLOSIVE propulsion, 1 swim
8 x 25 sprint odds fast-slow by half-length evens slow-fast
100 easy swim down

1400 meters

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