Sunday, March 20, 2016

Splash & dash!

Very nice morning indeed. Got up early (arghhh, I am an idiot, I get so anxious about waking up early even for a low-stakes event that I can barely sleep - I think I was checking the clock every 10 minutes between 1:45 and 5:15, though I must have been asleep for some of that time as I was having anxiety dreams about my tenure committee and Brent telling me that I needed to get my bicycle ready even though it was just a swim-run event!). Left here around 5:45, jogged over (:35 or so) to Public Beach, had nice chit-chat with D. and a few others. Then a really lovely swim-run! I enjoyed every minute of it. I like these small-town events best: at several points on the run course, people were holding up portraits of Captain Marvin, and there was a very pleasant feeling in the air.

:35 run
800m swim, 2mi run (wasn't timing it on my watch, it was slow tho!)

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