Monday, March 7, 2016

Long run!

A day late with that one. Yesterday was a disaster: I was so tired and so overloaded with work, I left the run till the last possible minute, and at 5:30pm found myself huddled in bed rather than in any sense likely to get out the door for even a short run let alone a long one. Didn't feel good about this but it was to some extent force majeure - I have been really overextended on work and personal life, and it's wearing me down. But I was able to make time for it today, and it was really very nice. Should properly be going to Central Park for these but if I run in Riverside I'm in the park immediately vs. a mile each way with a lot of stopping and starting at lights. Turned around at the heliport - wind was in my face all the way down so the run back was particularly nice.

2hr easy

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