Saturday, March 19, 2016

Mini run-swim!

Just the 15+ minutes jog over to the pool and then a shortish workout also, we used up the first fifteen minutes with chat! Pretty luxurious, just three of us there and we got something more like a private lesson than a workout as such - I am really prioritizing drill work just now.

:17 jog
:45 swim along these lines:

300 swim
200 kick
Drill sets: a couple test lengths, then 2 x (6 x 25 as 2 drill 1 swim): first drill something like my alternating sweet spot drill, you kick 6 and breathe, kick 6 and stroke without breathing; second drill very useful concentrating on "roll over the barrel"/engagement of lats, catch and underwater pull (catch-up within a catch-up - very slow going into the pull, keep face mostly down/in the water)

Call it 1000 yards total.

I was persuaded by Coach Dave and fellow swimmer Kim to sign up for the Splash and Dash event tomorrow morning. Will hope to run something like 40min first (I suppose the start's close to 2mi from Brent's, so I'll run out that way and overshoot and turn back), then do the event (800m swim, 2mi run).

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