Thursday, March 10, 2016


(Hmmmm, do I want to add some kind of mark to my star chart for days I bike? Perhaps not when it's just a commute-type situation...)

It is a good thing we are not always doing these circuits as I don't particularly enjoy them (it's more that they're boring and repetitive than that they're super-hard). H. and I were both trudging through it relatively late in the hour and Josh asked "What number are you on?" My answer: "A LOW number"; H., glumly: "Four." So he mercifully told us we could cut it at 6 rather than going all the way to ten. Some preliminary annoyance with the farmer's walk equipment - the collars are too loose, first of all the 25lb weight fell horribly and dramatically off for me & Josh said to use dumbbells and then it happened also for H. whose technique is superior, so we switched over to wrapping the handles with chains, this was definitely preferable (the dumbbells are awkward to use because they are so rough on the hands). I would rather be doing a run or a swim than this kind of a workout, needless to say....

.75hr circuit: 6 x (farmer's walk, 10 ring rows, 10 shrugs @ 52.5, 10 band face-pulls, 10 band low rows, 20 band abs)

10mi easy bike

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