Tuesday, March 1, 2016


Gosh, that was a good one. Upper 40s, very sunny and mild. I had a good session of work on my talk for Thursday, to the point where I have a script printed out that I could use in a pinch (it will benefit from 2-3 more 1.5-2hr work sessions, but I feel a lot better knowing that there is something there!). Wrote a quick letter of recommendation. Then got out the door for the longish run scheduled for tomorrow - but I am meeting Josh at 10:30 tomorrow for the squats session that I'll miss on Thursday while I'm at Rutgers, so I thought it would make more sense to do it today. And it was glorious! Right spinal erector muscle rather sore by last third of the run, but not intolerably so. Everything else felt better than it did the other day - I think a 90-minute easy run is one of my favorite things in the world (it is done just as you are starting to think that you would rather be sitting down eating lunch!). I think, too, it is most enjoyable exercising when I feel like I have "earned" it by doing my real work first....

1.5hr easy along the river

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