Tuesday, March 8, 2016


Hadn't realized that Josh is deloading us this week, which makes me feel less bad about missing yesterday's workout. No lifting this week, just other stuff to elevate the HR etc.

10 x circuit as follows:

(a) 5 pushups
(b) 5 6-second eccentric ring row (substitute for eccentric pullups)
(c) 10 x shrugs @ 52.5
(d) 10 x band pullapart
(e) :30 fast bounce 4lb medicine ball
(f) band rows
(g) low band rows

120 abs (side-to-side ball)

About 1hr total.

Beforehand I ran on the treadmill: 10min warmup (first 5:00 at 5.0mph, but my face was already so red and overheated at that point that I dialed it back to 4.8mph, which I fear the purist will say isn't even a run!). Then 10 x :40 @ 6.5mph, 1:20 @ 3.5mph.

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