Wednesday, March 2, 2016


Good session just now with Josh. This lift is so frustrating to me - it is still genuinely unpredictable what I will and won't be able to do, a failure of technique rather than strength. We took out the box at least. I was good at 135 but mentally failed at 155. We have widened stance and are currently focusing on not having the huge swing forward of left arm as I reach the bottom: it is my theory that this originated with some combination of a desire to protect tender left knee and right-side dominance, but when I correct for that at a heavy weight I pretty much just stall out at the bottom due to overthinking. Anyway, it was productive, and I have a new theory that for the rest of the semester I could do a Wednesday morning squat session with Josh and use the Thursday evening slot for my second upper body. Could then keep the Friday afternoon session at CU just to make sure I do something that day, but make it essentially abs and conditioning....

1hr technique squats

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