Monday, December 15, 2008

Monday swim

I was fairly desperate to run earlier, only I had a common-sense assessment of my condition when I got home from the office & realized that instead I would be better off eating and sleeping! Slept for two hours, which was imprudent but necessary - felt very groggy when I got up, definitely in no condition to run, but I did make it over to the gym for a short swim (I must take advantage of the pool being deserted due to finals and open only for one more week before the holidays).

(I should remind myself, though, too, that a short run is often an option too - I should have more 3- and 4-mile runs when I am too tired or underfueled for it to be sensible to head out for a longer one.)

All easy, except for the fly! It was very refreshing, too - I am glad I got myself over there.

100 swim
100 right-arm, left-arm, catch-up, swim
100 swim
100 thumbs and salute freestyle drill
50 free
100 breast
50 free
100 back
50 free
2 x 75 stroke as kick, drill, swim by 25 (first one fly, second one back)
100 free

1000 yards total


Levi Stahl said...

I heartily recommend 4-mile runs: they're my basic run in the winter, the rule being that unless I simply don't have time or the temps are below 15, four miles it is. You're out for more than half an hour, your legs and lungs get just enough workout that they won't rebel the next time you try to actually work them, and you get home and into the show before you lose any limbs.

Wendy said...

A lovely little swim!