Sunday, December 7, 2008

Sunday run

Thank goodness, too - because a week without running is clearly not a good week! Ughh, I have given myself insane allergies via book-packing activities - books are the dustiest things in the world. I was thinking about trying for a longer one, but I saw reason - factors included (a) conviction that allergies + long runs + stress = respiratory infection (b) desire not to carry water bottle (c) million moving-related things to do this afternoon.

6 miles easy, but hard enough to break a good sweat. Especially in the really windy stretches, it is like doing battle out there; I love it!

I have to face the fact that exercise is not my priority over the next month or so.

(ARGHHHHHHHHH! Why can I not just live in a monastic cell where all I do is write and train and read books and then periodically teach a class or two?!?)

My real training does not start up again till mid-February, when I will start actually training for the Florida 70.3 race in May. Will have a bike focus since that is by far my weakest thing.

The new semester starts Jan. 21 or so, and my novel manuscript is due Feb. 2 - I am going to do my damnedest to meet that deadline, anyway, which means as much writing as possible needs to be done before I start teaching again.


Next 10+ days: pack, move, unpack; finish up semester's teaching, grading and other miscellaneous duties; swim as much as possible, run at least every couple days but don't fret about mileage; fit in a core workout or two if I have 20 minutes to spare

Dec. 24-31: DIG IN ON NOVEL-WRITING; survive holidays and EVIL POOL CLOSURE; swim when possible at Riverbank or other TNYA workouts elsewhere, but don't fret about lack of swimming; run quite a bit; venture out on the bike if it is not too cold?

Jan. 1-11: probable tropical island paradise interlude of MANIACAL NOVEL-WRITING, some running and a lot of swimming in the sea...

Jan. 12-20: FURTHER MANIACAL NOVEL-WRITING; daily exercise for purposes of sanity and physical fitness, but subordinated to writing needs

And there is no point worrying about the end of January now - I will reassess where I am with the novel and make plans accordingly. I foresee a couple weeks of getting up at 5am for early-morning writing/editing sessions before I refocus for school-related stuff.

Now I must go and shower and eat and return some more library books!


Wendy said...

Yes, no overdoing things now -- getting sick would be the last straw when there's already too much to be done!

I can report that week one of EPC has passed -- two weeks to go! (And it looks like there'll be more d@mn cross-training to keep me busy!)

I am somewhat jealous over the sea swimming business, but I will just have to suck it up! ;-)

Brent Buckner said...

Yeah, heavy training load tends to depress immune system... and impact on sleep....

boo said...

moving apartment or office?

orals in 7 days. freaking out.

will be in nyc february 28 - march 1, let's go for a run!