Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Tuesday swim

Just a short one - I am scrambling to get to a massive pile of papers that need commenting upon, and it is one of those days that will go on pretty much forever (including the evening work obligation that knocked out swim practice and made me have to swim in the am in the first place - high irk factor! - and it's going to happen again on Thursday, I fear!).

Along these lines:

100 free

100 back

100 free

100 IM drill

100 back as 50 drill, 50 stroke

100 fly as 50 drill, 50 stroke

100 right-arm, left-arm, catch-up, swim

2 x (100 free, 100 IM)

100 back

Concentrating especially on form during freestyle bits. I think that I still am tending to breathe a little too late in the stroke on the right side - it is a bit of a chicken and egg question, do I breathe too late because I stiffen my neck and lift it up out of the water (it should remain in neutral position, the body should rotate along its long axis rather than the neck poking up) or do I lift up my neck partly because I breathe too late - but at any rate a clear way to begin correcting it is by concentrating on breathing at the earliest possible moment...

1200 yards total


Wendy said...

A lovely little swim!

You might try practicing your breathing (bilaterally) while kicking with a flutterboard extended in front of you. Think about rotating the head as little as possible -- just enough to be able to breathe.

I am always a little off right side breathing when I warm up -- it is partly a function of breath holding -- when I first start swimming I don't fully breathe out underwater*, so my timing is off. If I breathe every five or seven, and settle into my stroke it rights itself soon enough.

* only when I'm breathing on my right.

ShirleyPerly said...

I have a noticeable pause when breathing that I've been trying to get rid of that may be caused by breathing too late. Hmm ...