Saturday, December 13, 2008

Saturday swim

I have moved to my new apartment, and am even about 70% unpacked (and looking forward to the box-free lifestyle in my near future!) - only with the significant though temporary drawback that there is no internet connection yet!

And there will not be one until CUIT comes to install an Ethernet box, which easily could take ten days - only with the timing of the holidays, if it does not happen this week, I am thinking it might not happen till January...

I have to fill out a form that goes through the building super to the relevant party, but rather than leaving it in his hands I think I may get the form signed and see if I can deliver it myself and plead with the CUIT people about particularly pressing internet needs - not only blog-related, but my students generally count on me responding near-instantaneously to any e-mail, and it is finals week!

Laconic posting for immediate future...

Anyway, I made it out from Boxland for a nice forty-minute swim before the pool closed for the night.

Warmup: 4 x 125 as 75 free, 25 back, 25 breast (I like this warmup because it is easy to keep track of where one is in it based on what end of the pool one finds oneself at!)

100 back, 100 free, 100 fly drill, 100 free

2 x (100 IM, 100 free)

7 x 50 IM transitions set (which I am going to abbreviate with the nice blocky capital letter pairs, because they remind me of WWII-era cryptography and also because their style is like a pair of shoes by Dansko that I have recently had to dispose of): FL-FL, FL-BK, BK-BK, BK-BR, BR-BR, BR-FR, FR-FR

50 back cooldown

1700 yards total

More reflections on my year in swimming when I am not standing up at a library terminal with the chaos and clamor of finals week around me. On the bright side, though the library is very crowded, the pool was near-empty!


Spokane Al said...

To paraphrase Jefferson Starship, it sounds like you are knee deep in the hoopla as you work through the logistical and bureaucratic hoops of the big city.

Wendy said...

Wow -- that's a lot of packing and unpacking in a short period of time.

I do hope pleading your case with the CUIT folks facilitates connections!

It sounds like a lovely swim ...

Leah said...

Oy. No internet. That would be hard to deal with.

Danielle in Iowa said...

I have established patterns where I more or less never respond to people immediately, so now they don't expect it! But that doesn't mean I still don't like to get my e-mail to make sure there aren't any fires to put out :-)