Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Tuesday swim practice

Felt particularly mentally and physically beneficial, too. The CU gym is now closed for two weeks, but TNYA has a relatively humane holiday schedule; I will try and go to the Friday-evening workout at John Jay later this week. I can always sneak up to Riverbank, too, if I really want a swim - but I am thinking I need to start building up some run miles in any case!

I had a lane to myself for most of the practice, which is strange but in its way enjoyable. Serious stuff for the first two-thirds of practice, then some goofy stuff at the end for the holiday! Very enjoyable.

Warmup: 300 free, 75 kick-drill-swim (I did back, would have then followed up with other 3 strokes but time was up)

4 x 150 on 3:35 as fly, back, breast by 50

5 x 150 free descending (3:15, 3:05, 2:55, 2:45, 2:35)

50 easy back


2 x 100 as 25 scull on back, 25 water-polo-style, 25 long dog paddle, 25 3 strokes on front, 3 strokes on back

2 x 100 as 25 fly pull/flutter kick, 25 backstroke/whip kick, 25 breast pull/flutter, 25 free pull/dolphin

200 easy swim


2375 total

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Dances with Corgis said...

Having a lane to yourself, particularly when you are doing fly drills, is fantastic.