Thursday, April 21, 2011

Thursday bike

Left it till the last possible moment to go out. It's a pretty nice day out there - for a run! Incredibly windy, which is actually good from the standpoint of workout quality; it lets me ride in zone 2 without going at what seem to me dangerously and obnoxiously fast speeds in on a shared-use greenway path where the interests of pedestrians and cyclists constantly come into conflict. It was at once a reasonably enjoyable ride and a reminder to me, yet again, that I am just not one of life's natural cyclists; swimming and running are both things I would do for their own sake, but I would never even own a bicycle if I didn't have the gleam of triathlon in my eye...

58:18, 13.76mi. (it was windy, it is not that I am that slow!), avg HR 132, max HR 147

zone 1: 11:02
zone 2: 44:25
zone 3: 0:45

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Danielle in Iowa in Seattle said...

I think after this IM, you should stick to Olympic distance races! Those seem to be the only races where the bike doesn't take up the vast majority of the time racing!