Sunday, April 24, 2011

Week 5 summary

This week's training was mostly successful. It is a terrible time of the school year for me, and the long run fell victim to that this week; also, yesterday's weather was costly in terms of not getting in a long ride outdoors, although I think I got a very reasonable workout in with that hodgepodge of indoor and outdoor riding. If next Sunday's weather prohibits a long ride in NJ, I think I will just do something like what I did yesterday and then do a real five-hour ride the next weekend when I am in Cayman.

Based on how difficult (impossible!) it was to run on Friday afternoon, I'm modifying my arrangement for this coming Friday. It wasn't going to have to take place so early in the morning, but I had imagined doing something similar to this past week: I've got a 2-4pm dissertation defense, and I had thought I'd swim in the morning then do my run in the late afternoon.

(I had already deemed it unsuitable to try and do both swim and run before the defense: if I got up very very early, it would be just about doable, but I think I would be in no fit state to participate properly in the committee!)

However, on balance I think long swim plus complex work obligation does not leave me able to execute a long run. So I will actually do the run in the morning (it is usually scheduled after the swim so that you're getting a better approximation of race fatigue), and then either swim on my own in the early evening or (better yet) go to a TNYA evening practice at John Jay - as long as I show up and don't get back out of the pool, I will then have a largely willpower-free 1:30 swim.

(None of the Columbia workouts is 1.5hr., but the John Jay ones are, so that is desirable.)

Total training hours: 13:20

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Dances with Corgis said...

I think you should just explain to the committee that workouts come first ;)