Saturday, April 2, 2011

Week 2 recap

The good: my Tuesday run intervals were gloriously enjoyable, and I completed a full two-hour run on Friday afternoon with (to borrow a favorite phrase of Brent's) no permanent injury. I went to a master's swim workout that got me over the hump of not having been for a while. And I successfully completed my three-hour ride, albeit indoors.

The bad: no mid-week bike riding (i.e. 2 missed workouts); no long swim (only did 2 swims of 3); no 30-min. high-cadence run (but I don't mind missing this as I basically run almost that much in a session of boot camp, and I think it's a fair substitute).

The ugly: true morale crash on Thursday, when I should have got myself out the door to do pretty much any workout for mental health benefits but instead worked myself into a frenzy at home.

Analysis: it was a pretty busy week at work (it started badly, with me having to give back assignments to both of my classes on Monday, so that I began the week with a serious sleep deficit and stress surplus). Also I knew I had to go to Philadelphia tomorrow, so I compressed the schedule a bit. I think that if I hadn't (ill-advisedly, I now see) thought it a good idea to respond to the missed day by combining the two notional mid-week bike rides into one two-hour ride, scheduled for Wednesday but never executed, I would have been more likely to execute something on Wednesday or Thursday. Lesson learned, hopefully?

It is important to me for next week to be a good training week. I don't have any huge extra work things (barring one big overdue essay that I need to dig in on if possible), and I'm not going out of town (I do have tickets to Macbeth in Brooklynon Sunday the 10th, but it is fortunately one of Shakespeare's shorter plays!). The week after will be a "recovery" week and also involves a weekend trip to South Carolina, so there are significant schedule constraints. My top priority for this coming week, then, is to ensure that the "long" training for Saturday and Sunday goes well. I will do the Saturday training as long swim followed by long run; it is a key feature of the plan that I'm using that although you rarely have a swim-bike-run day, the weekend is split up as (1) long swim, short break, long run and (2) long bike; I think it's probably a very good idea to make sure that at least some of my long runs are done after having been in the pool for 90 minutes earlier in the day, so as to replicate some of the fatigue.

Total hours for the week: nine

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Danielle in Iowa in Seattle said...

So are there no long bike/run bricks?