Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Bike #3

Pleasant once I was doing it (and 30 mins. is indeed starting to feel very short, I will get acclimated and build up to longer times soon, this week is just crunch time), but an effort of will to get started. All sorts of good reasons to put it off (and really I must not do it in the evenings like this, it is bad for sleep which is my great problem in life in any case), but I cannot afford to miss one so early in the sequence--there will no doubt be days in the coming weeks where I feel much, much worse!

I have put off the bike-run till tomorrow, I would very much like a nice run outside in the afternoon for mental health; M. has rescheduled tomorrow morning's appointment to Thursday evening, so instead tomorrow I'll do 30 mins. bike followed by a very easy five-mile run that I'll hope to finish before it gets dark. (And instead of doing two hours on Sunday morning on the bike, I'll do one hour bike and one hour run.)

#3 out of 30, 30 mins., total 90 mins.

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