Thursday, November 8, 2007

Thursday morning swim

An extraordinarily cheerfulness-inducing swim this morning, quite lovely. I am just totally in love with swimming!

(Aside from how good it feels I like the busy industriousness of everyone going up and down in their lanes, like shuttles on a huge industrial loom...)

Warmup: 600 (300 free, 200 pull, 100 IM).

Main set (this is a delightful one):

4 x (75 back, 75 breast-breast-free, 75 fly-free-free, 75 free), odd ones pull and even swim

To conclude (the men's team were hovering and waiting to get in): 4 x 50 free, odd ones easy and evens fast, on 1:15 and 1:30.

Mmm, I love it....

Resolution: Do not be tempted to ignore previous decision and go to tomorrow morning's workout! Only got about four hours sleep last night, will be out till midnight or so seeing Shakespeare tonight, must get more sleep tonight--I will just do a nice little butterfly-practicing swim in the evening...

BTW I really think I can do that butterfly now! It's the most rudimentary version only, but I am very excited!


Anonymous said...

Nice Thursday post! I love Thursdays, Time to watch Greys anatomy , ER and then fall asleep. I just posted my Thursday post. I had my tooth pulled yesterday so Im still under the weather, but dont worry the post doesnt show pictures of my tooth!

Have a great Thursday!


Unknown said...

Fly is exciting!