Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Wednesday gym session

I had the most enjoyable workout this morning with M. at the gym--usually I am sort of insanely foaming at the mouth and wanting to work fiendishly hard--but today I really did feel lazy and we had a wonderful recovery-week workout of the lightest and most delicate kind, like having broth and toast and grapes in an invalid-type situation! I broke out a light sweat, but nothing crazy--just a nice quiet traditional full-body workout of a most pleasant sort.

(But I am glad we're starting up like crazy again on Monday! I'm going to switch from just once to twice a week for the next three weeks, starting on Monday, and then once I'm done teaching for the semester and the schedule opens up a bit I will have three sessions a week just for three or four weeks--do lots of pushups and stuff... I have not entirely abandoned my long-term goal of trying to get to where I can do three or four unassisted pullups, for instance--but I am far from it at this point--it is not really where my imagination really drives me, in any case--but it would be cool, eh?!?)

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Unknown said...

I saw a great turn of phrase today over at
Shiny, Shiny
touting an electric skateboard for the actively lazy!

That might be a good way to describe your recovery workout.