Monday, November 5, 2007

Gym workout

Another good one--we did a slightly tweaked version of The Workout (M. has started working on the script for the video...), it is super-enjoyable. I find this core stuff much more compelling somehow than straighter lifting-type stuff, it really is good.

Then I did two pretty easy treadmill miles when we were done--this is the very much most obvious place in the week to add that in, I think I cannot afford to miss it. It helps on run frequency, it adds a couple miles to the weekly total, most of all it lets me get increasingly comfortable with extended exercise time.

Ten minutes walk over there, ten minutes warming up, an hour of working out, twenty minutes of treadmill running, ten minute walk home: 1:50. (Of course walking is not really much to speak of, but it's the in-motion time that seems valuable.) In terms of my priorities for 2008, the durations of the different races break down as roughly two hours for a half-marathon, three hours for an Olympic-distance triathlon and four hours for the marathon (those last two are optimistic down-the-road times rather than necessarily attainable-next-year times, but it gives ballpark--in reality probably my first one of each would be more like 3:15 and 4:10-4:15 respectively, though I'm certain that after I've done a few I can bring it down)--the more I can get in the habit of exercising for longish periods, the more ready my body will be to handle the necessary intensity over the extended time period. I am sure this has been to my benefit on the half-marathon stuff so far--it's a mental thing as well as a more strictly physiological thing, managing to stay focused for the whole time.

I have to sit down with the training schedule and figure out the bike part again--I am still completely not on a routine for that. It's getting to a hard time of the year to make a change, though--really I'm probably kind of locked in now for the remaining five weeks of the semester. Hmmm--we will see...


Steve Stenzel said...

Fitting workouts in while teaching? I'm with you there. What ever is a professor to do?

Jenny Davidson said...

Yeah, seriously!