Thursday, November 22, 2007

Thursday run

It is sixty degrees and sunny--that's crazy...--and I just had a nice quiet run in Riverside Park. Everyone is very smiley because of the holiday...

A recovery week run. Quiet and slow! As I came to the four-mile point I felt strikingly warmed up and fluid and ready to really run, it is a pity it takes so long: but I had a nice little surge up the hill on the outside of the park above 96th St., and I ran faster for the last bit also, it was too enjoyable to miss.

(Stress fracture area rather sore still from the race--I didn't really notice while I was running on Sunday, but it was definitely--I won't say painful--but I was feeling it quite a bit the couple days following. It was definitely affecting my gait. I'll just make sure to take it easy for the next week or so still with the running, I think it is a muscle thing rather than an actual problem with the bone.)

5.16 miles, average pace 10:31, average HR 143 (I was trying to keep it really low, but it didn't quite happen)

10:55 (133), 10:57 (143), 10:46 (141), 10:23 (143), 10:06 (151)

But the higher HR on the last is because by lap end my pace was 8:41; for the last .16, I've got 8:00 pace and HR165.

Over the weekend I've got to think about the next sequence of training weeks--I've got some ideas... I want some HIIT-type stuff for weight-loss benefits but I think it will be more prudent not to have it running-related, not even treadmill running, it is too likely to contribute to injury; but actually the bike trainer should be a good way of doing some stuff like that. Must ponder...

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