Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Tuesday swim

Decent workout this morning. It occurred to me last night and then again this morning that certain muscles were strongly and happily telling me I had a good workout yesterday at the gym...

(Wasn't feeling very energetic, not enough sleep and a hardish swim last night, but it felt pretty OK otherwise. I am consumed with the desire to find the perfect swim workout, but it is going to have to wait--the one I want to try is this, if I can get to a couple of their workouts in December I will have a better sense if it will suit me...)

500 warmup, though we only had time to do 350 before we got started on the main workout. Can't remember intervals, we ignored 'em in any case. 2 x 50 stroke, 400 free (I think this said 7:30 on the sheet, I did 7:40 maybe? We were swimming steadily rather than hard), 2 x 50 stroke, 2 x 300 free, 2 x 50 stroke, 3 x 200 free, 2 x 50 stroke. Mostly fly down breast back on the stroke, but a couple lengths of back here and there also. No time to do the 4 x 100 at the end (on 1:50 in theory, which I cannot do), the young fellows were at the end of the lanes waiting to get in. I was relieved, I swam hard enough last night that I could not see any real benefit to doing four more hard hundreds this morning!

Grumble: It has dawned on me that the time I leave for swimming is the exact time the newspaper delivery guy ties up the (slowest) elevator (in the world) stepping out on every floor after having pressed all the buttons! Arghhh--I waited more than four minutes this morning--this may not sound like a long time, but it is a trial of the temper--I cannot quite face walking down ten flights, they're just not really set up for it (trash areas by stairs, not properly lit)...

Anti-grumble: I finally got a bathrobe! It is not particularly nice, but the sales clerk sold it to me with extraordinary glee (that was a guy who was really loving his job, the girl at the cash register was dumbfounded at how many robes he had already sold that day) but it will do for now, and it was cheap enough to replace when I find a nicer one.

Further anti-grumble: My past self's present to my present-time self was to put the coffee and water in the stovetop espresso maker last night. It will be ready in about 30 seconds...


Unknown said...

Wow - you sure get your pool time in ! I am impressed!

Unknown said...

Hmmm. Four minutes of easy stretching, perhaps??

I hope Red Tide will be a good fit.

I do a lot of fly/free combination 50's -- part of my logic is that I can work on finishing both strokes well.

Another fun way to break them is fly-back, followed by back-breast, then breast-free, as that way you get extra practice doing IM turns as well!

(The bathrobe story is great!)