Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Run and bike #4

I couldn't do a brick in the right order, I needed the last of the daylight for the run...

5.2 mi., 147 avg HR, 10:10 avg pace. Nothing eventful, but it was almost painfully enjoyable--the late-afternoon light at this time of year along the river (with the sun setting over the Hudson) is beautiful, like something out of a Keats poem!

I was rather pressed for time after that, but I did squeeze in thirty minutes on the bike and had just about time to shower before going out again. Emergency Clif Bar action--have just eaten actual dinner now, much better, that is not enough food after that workout.

I order boxes of Clif Bars online, or my mother sometimes gives me a box as a (thoughtful!) present--only some flavors are much preferable to others! And I strongly notice that the number of them that I eat is directly related to how palatable I consider the ones around. If they are nice, I eat one almost every day; if not so nice, only a couple times a week in an emergency. (However I do try and keep a box at my office because I am always starving by mid-morning after my lecture!)

Actually I am curious about this, any opinions? Are some flavors of Clif Bar just better than others, or is it a matter of personal taste? The ones I am only rather slowly going through now are apricot, I find they have a not very pleasant sort of raw aspect (the carrot cake one is slightly like this too, only not so off-putting). I have not really tried any of the chocolate ones because in general I prefer non-chocolate--but it seems to me that oatmeal raisin, banana nut bread, crunchy peanut butter and to a lesser extent black cherry almond are really the most palatable. Crunchy peanut butter for instance is mysteriously much nicer than the suspiciously malty peanut toffee buzz, the word "toffee" is distinctly misleading...

(That said, I gave my friend A. a black cherry almond one from a stash in my bag on a stressful day when we were traveling to a funeral and it was 1:30 and there had been no time for lunch between the service and the graveside bit, and she was only just too polite to spit back out the first bite, I think she was expecting something more baked-good-like and less nutritious!)

So: inherent superiority of certain flavors, or no consensus on individual flavor superiority? And is there one I should try that I haven't perhaps mentioned here?

Bike #4 of 30, 30 mins., total 120 mins.

(I am going to do some real bike workouts soon, but this week is not the time, I am swamped!)


Brent Buckner said...

I think some flavours are much more popular.

Unknown said...

On the Clif Bar issue, I have no opinion. (I have yet to actually eat one.)