Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Tuesday swim

This morning's swim was so delightful that I must write a rhapsodic post about it even before making coffee!

Bonus: I suppose because of the holiday, we had my favorite coach who usually only does Thursdays; and also because there was no team practice starting at 7, we could go all the way up to 7:15 and have a slightly longer workout than usual.

Most exciting news: I think (hmmm, might have been better to have independent eyewitness confirmation!) that I did a real honest-to-god 200 IM...

Such an appealing workout...

(My arms were a bit tired from yesterday, but on the other hand it's more than made up for by the feel you keep for the water.)

Warmup: 1000. 400 swim, 300 pull, 200 kick, 100 IM. (I skipped some lengths of the initial swim as I thought I'd better stay in synch with others in the lane.)


4 x 100 back
2 x 300 (100 free, 100 breast, 100 free, all pull)
3 x 200 IM (first one kick, second one pull, third one swim - this is the way to do it and get it to work!)
4 x 100 free on descending intervals (2:00, 1:55, 1:50, 1:45--and yes, I did make the times, so I was excited...)*



(And I think a couple of us will be able to get some small-group lessons at a relatively affordable rate in December from the coach--he has to get the real team season underway, but there should be time soon, and then I will be covered once I.'s on maternity leave. This will be good--it is an extraordinary luxury, really, having access to a coach of this caliber!)

*ED. Really that is not quite right, 1:45 is the time the last one took--you only have three times for four--still getting the hang of this description business!

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Unknown said...

A benchmark workout! Good job!