Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Reeling and writhing and fainting in coils

More undulation!

The fit is upon me, I could not resist, I went and had a twenty-five-minute technique swim at Teachers College.

(I think by next week I'll be competent enough to do it in the regular pool--for now TC is best b/c I can have half of a funny little lane to myself and not feel stressed out or annoyed...)

A bit of warmup, then the fins went on and I did some lengths of dolphin kick alone, and then quite a lot of lengths of breast pull down butterfly pull back, concentrating on the up-down of the dolphin. Then I did some lengths of butterfly, still with fins, and I really do think I've got the basic idea now; then I took the fins off and did some lengths without, and it seems fully functional.

Mild mental health alert: ardent fits of excessive work traditionally lead to overwork, exhaustion and mild depression by the end of the semester! Watch out for compulsion to overwork ... it always seems like a good idea at the time!

I had only three little windows for possible technique swim this week, and it is never wise to miss the first of three, especially as the one tomorrow is fairly iffy--this one having gone well makes me think I should just have Thursday morning workout and quiet Friday evening technique swim and figure that I'm covered. I will skip the Friday morning workout because I'll be out late at the theatre on Thursday and because my Saturday run needs me to have slept decently Thursday night. Next week is the taper for the half-marathon, so I will have to be more careful about slipping in extra workouts; and the week following is Thanksgiving, with further travel and inconvenient holiday pool closures. So it is right that I must seize the moment...

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