Thursday, November 29, 2007

Thursday gym workout

And it was a good one, too, though around 6:20 I was thinking very seriously of canceling, this has been an exceptionally poor week for sleep...

We kept things pretty low-key, I was wary of starting to feel sick if we did anything that made my heartrate get very high (had to leave a talk before the Q&A earlier this evening, the room was so hot I really was not feeling well), so it was pretty much the traditional strength-training stuff, more machines than we usually use: sort of nice, for a change, though I am impatient for it to be back where I am working super-hard...

Next week's schedule is going to undergo a bit of modification based on the insanity that was this week. (Really all I want to do is exercise a lot more than I have been doing, but this is not the time to think that way!) M. can't meet Monday morning anyway, and I am going to skip Tuesday-morning swimming because I am out at a play + dinner on Sunday night and also am meeting my grandfather for dinner after Monday-night swimming (he never comes to the Upper West Side, but is seeing a play about 10 blocks away from the pool, so it's too pleasant a thing to miss). I quite simply and obviously need the sleep more than I need the Tuesday-morning swim; the one that's really unskippable is Thursday, that's the day with great coach-workout combination...

I'll do a little bike thing Monday morning, nothing huge, and then swim Monday night; short bike first thing Tuesday am, then I'll run Tuesday evening with S. and other sub-clubbers in the park, but sleep in till 7:30am or so on both Monday and Tuesday for restorative purposes. I'll work out with M. first thing Wednesday morning (plus--hmmm, this is getting a bit repetitive!--bike); Thursday early-morning swim plus bike at gym; Friday light bike and run; Saturday swimming lesson and bike; Sunday 10K race.

(I won't do a taper for this one, I'll just try and sleep and count on it being a rather lighter week exercise-wise than I might like. I'm mostly done teaching at the end of that week, one more seminar the week after and of course tons of other school stuff but it will give me more flexibility schedule-wise, esp. re: running and daytime hours...)

I need to stay flexible about exercise over the next three days. The schedule's pretty tight, and work calls in some fairly important ways! I'll see whether a late bike thing tomorrow evening will work, but I'm prepared for it not to. Saturday early morning I suspect I will still be putting finishing touches on my paper, it's just not psychologically plausible to go out for a run when you're going to have to be all kitted up in nice work clothes & delivering a lecture shortly thereafter--so I am thinking maybe just swimming lesson in the afternoon and bike to follow. Then on Sunday I will do one hour bike and one hour run, that would be a good mental exercise in any case and I will keep the effort level very light.

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