Monday, May 16, 2011

And one more post

This should have been in the last one!

I got the handlebar mount for my Garmin 305, and it makes so much difference to the quality of my ride that I've just bought another one to put on my bike in Cayman. I can see HR really easily and keep it in the zone I want; I should have done it like this sooner, it is excellent.

Yesterday's ride by the numbers (it really was an exactly 100-mile ride, but there was one spot where I forgot to turn back on my Garmin after a quick stop to check that I was on the correct route, and I missed a couple miles):

97.96 miles
avg. speed 14.7mph
avg. HR 136

zone 1: 0:25:54
zone 2: 5:16:19
zone 3: 0:54:33
zone 4: 0:04:43

(As I said before, it is a very flat ride! Clock was obviously off for rest stops and mechanicals; total time on the road was considerably longer. Unfortunately I got in just too late to make it onto the 3:30 train back from Montauk, and the next one wasn't till 5:30. It took forever - that is far away! Got to Penn Station around 8:45, and taking my bike home on the subway seemed taxing - mercifully a 1 train arrived just as I was arriving at the platform, I really needed to pee and the thought of a ten-minute wait for a train was too awful to bear. Got home around 9:30; my friend from the gym had picked me up at 4:45 that morning, it was a long day. I note that he and his other friend deemed it so rainy at the start that they got back in the car and drove back to NYC instead of riding! And a guy I chatted with on the train who had ridden with the SAG team said that a lot of people who had flats gave up and took a ride to the finish, so I think this really is one I can feel good about finishing, as the copious verbiage and many exclamation points here also probably suggest...)

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