Saturday, May 14, 2011

Long run!

Well, that was a very good one, with one huge proviso: I just couldn't get out of zone 1! If I were training for a marathon, that would be a disaster, but I am just going to have to take it for what it is. I don't know what was up with that - it became clear to me about 35-40 minutes in, though, that even once I was warmed up, I just didn't have the vim to kick it up a notch.

(I took a sleeping pill last night at 9:45 and basically knocked myself out from 10 to 6 or so, though I snoozed the alarm till more like 6:30: couldn't face the day! These sleepings meds definitely affect the body in strange and mildly unpleasant ways, and I think it is a distinct possibility that it was a factor in low HR/inability to raise effort levels. There wasn't much of a recovery period between my run intervals late Thursday afternoon and my early Saturday morning long run, either; and there is still the general question of fatigue. On the bright side, it could also be said that doing quite a lot of cycling has given me a zone 1 running gear that is not always available to me?)

Anyway, it really was a nice run otherwise. Felt quite easy up until about the 1:40 mark, at which point I had to start concentrating a little harder, but it was a pleasant cool morning and I went all the way down the west side past Chambers St. and through much of the Battery Park City Esplanade. Turned around at a rather beautiful little dock area that I cannot identify more specifically - nice, though.

I am .04 miles short of a round number and am going to take the liberty of rounding up! Now, off to swim - 11am TNYA workout - the whole point of getting up that early was that I could then be done with my workouts by noon, and in a highly convenient fashion that did not involve subway travel - not sure how fast I am going to be able to swim, though - hopefully the slow lane will be going fairly slowly...

3:00, 15mi., avg pace 12:00, avg HR 136

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Anonymous said...

Nice job!! 15 miles is right where you want to be right now!! I'm in CDA right now and the weather is beautiful. Hopefully the lake will continue to warmup. Less than 50 days to go!