Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Short warm run

I felt rather tired after my earlier workout, but I really wanted to get out there for some kind of a run; as I am still bedevilled by phlegm (both in the nose-blowing head-filled sense and in the hawking-a-loogie sense), and as it is 80 degrees outside, I just stayed in the shadier upper bit of the park and ran for half an hour in zone 2. Had to slow down to stay out of zone 3 - I have no heat acclimation!

While I was sick over the weekend I ordered all sorts of discounted triathlon garb from Bike Nashbar and various other vendors-to-the-frugal; I am very happy to report that I now have a short-sleeved jersey that does not make me look like a sausage in its casing and a pair of black bike shorts (they are suspiciously shiny, but you can't have everything!) whose chamois seems to be as good as the ones in my amazingly comfortable but devastatingly unflattering white Adidas ones. Also two tri bra/tops that I am hoping will chafe less than the one I've been using these past four or so years - have just tested the first one, seems comfortable on a short run but will have to test it at the 2-hour distance before I would risk wearing it for such a long event. Gear report to follow consequent upon sufficient testing - I am thinking very seriously about replacing my two remaining longest runs (3 and 3.25hr respectively) with 2-hour runs on the grounds of less strain on the immune system, and adding some extra cycling instead...

31:08, 2.81mi., avg pace 11:04, avg HR 146

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