Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Virtue was rewarded

It's difficult to explain how busy things get in this last little bit of the semester; I mean, I still have a huge amount of flexibility compared to people with "regular" jobs, but I had a crazy day yesterday with back-to-back oral exam, faculty meeting and dissertation chapter conference. Realized c. 5pm that really it was either/or as far as swimming last night or going to boot camp this morning, and that the sensible thing to do would be to skip swimming and instead power through the 300-page dissertation that I am on a defense for today. Printed out my final comments around 10:30, took a sleeping pill and set alarm for 5:45, with gear set up to run down to Chelsea Piers and go to boot camp, with clothes to change into packed into my little hydration backpack and my Kindle to read on the subway home.

It worked very well, and now I have an hour for mental recombobulation a.k.a. internet time-wasting and coffee-drinking before I need to leave for the defense. It's another long day, probably won't be home until 8pm or so, but if I can survive today, the rest of the things I have to do between now and the end of the semester can mostly be done in tropical island paradise: I'll get a taxi to the airport tomorrow morning at 5:45am, and really as soon as I'm through security at JFK I breathe a sigh of relief and collapse in a heap of light reading. (I'll do most of my grading while I'm there, finish it off when I get back in the middle of next week.)


57:18 run (c. 5.5mi. - didn't have the spare time to wait for the Garmin to find its satellite!)

1hr boot camp

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Lauren Klein said...

Ha! I am recalling just how much logistical planning IM training requires, and also the pleasure at having pulled off said logistical feat. Nicely done!