Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Slowest long run ever!

Actually I'm just glad I got it done. Every time I tried to kick it up a notch, my brain and body were giving me a pretty firm message that really it was fine where it was now - if they could articulate things in words, they would have been saying something like, "You had a warm and demanding 6-hour ride on Saturday, including significant time in zones 3 and 4, then 2 subsequent nights of barely any sleep and 2 subsequent days of feeling fretfully too hot pretty much round the clock! This pace is just fine, thank you very much - you're going to be walking a lot of that Ironman marathon anyway!"

I just did loops in the shadier upper bit of the park near me - it's already 80 out there, there was no reason to go and run in direct sun!

2:00:13, 9.41mi (12:46/mi avg pace, avg HR 132 - zone 1)

(NB Lauren ran the details on our Saturday ride: it was nearly 4,000 feet of climbing over about 70 miles, so that is highly satisfactory.)

I need to make some changes to the schedule as it falls out over the next couple weeks - but right now I need to clean myself up, tidy up my apartment and get out of here before the cleaner arrives at noon!


Danielle in Iowa in Ireland said...

Were you trying to stay in Zone 1? Or were you too fatigued to do Zone 2?

mtanner said...

Way to keep on keeping on! I will be at CDA too!!!