Friday, May 20, 2011

No race for me tomorrow

As colds go, the one I have is not the worst, but it is inexorably moving down to my lungs. I can't afford a bad bout of bronchitis that could have been avoided; I would be an idiot to race - I have written to withdraw (and to see if there's any chance some of my registration dollars could be applied to next year's race, though that is not really the main issue).

I had a really good big training week last week, which is obviously a contributing factor in why I'm sick now; I'll take all the time off I need to let my lungs recover, consider this a recovery week for the legs and start back in next week for my two remaining big training weeks (basically, 5/23-6/8).

As a veteran of the common cold, I think I am likely to be feeling under the weather for a few more days and probably best off skipping exercise altogether for today and tomorrow; maybe I'll be able to pick back up gently on Sunday, and then get back on a 'real' schedule as of Tuesday. If I feel good after Tuesday's run and swim, I'll do a longer mid-week bike ride on Wednesday. If I am still feeling lung impingement Tuesday, though, which is certainly a possibility, I'll stick with zone 1 efforts for a few days longer.

Have just written to Lauren to see if she will schedule an epic 6-hour hilly ride with me for 5/28 or 5/29 - that and my "100 miles of nowhere" are the two really big training days I need to hit, with each long ride preceded the day before by a 1.5hr swim/3hr run in the first instance and a 1.5hr swim and 3.25hr run in the second. Then one long three-sport day (probably scheduled for 6/8, as I'm out of town over the weekend) as I'm heading into the taper; I'll almost certainly do this one indoors.

Still feeling very glum, but it is extremely clear that this is the right thing to do - take this as a breather before last big two-and-a-half week training effort.


Danielle in Iowa in Ireland said...

That's a bummer, but it sounds smart. Any other halfs around that you can do for training?

Black Knight said...

You took the right decision. I was thinking to write a post about our stories, the runners work a lot to be in shape and to race and .... often injury or an illness waste all the training done. This situation reminds the legend of Sisyphus....