Monday, May 30, 2011

Short holiday swim

Well, that was a bust!  I felt quite ill earlier, due to some combination of heat and sleeplessness.  Libraries closed for the holiday, and when I took my work to Starbucks instead in search of high-quality a/c, it was all too clear that everyone else had the same idea.

Clearly my only hope for my notional 2hr run, given heat, was the track at Chelsea Piers.  Got here around 4.40p, picturing 1hr of a/c to recombobulate then my long run - only to find gym would close at 6 for the holiday!  Very grumpy about this, mostly with myself for not calling earlier to check.

Had a short swim instead - cool water was good, but pool was overly full of also grumpy swimmers in same boat as myself.  (Also, 6pm gym closing means 5:30 pool closing!) Will try this again tomorrow and hope it all goes better!

c. 1200 misc. yards

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Danielle in Iowa in Ireland said...

I get annoyed with gyms that close on holidays. Those are the days I am most likely to put in a long workout!