Monday, May 23, 2011


Totally sick all weekend. This morning is the first day I've woken up and it's actually seemed at all conceivable that there is any exercise in my near-term future; still a lot of junk and wheeziness in the lungs, so nothing on the schedule for today, but they seemed to have stabilized somewhat compared to yesterday.

So I'm going to wait to tomorrow to try anything, and I found a good article by Gale Bernhardt on how to adapt the training plan after this sort of an illness-related break. Basically, Tues.-Fri. will be shorter in duration than they would have been and with intensity capped at zone 2 - no TNYA!

I am very set on doing my long ride with Lauren on Saturday, but I think that I will just skip this week's long swim and run - or perhaps just do a long swim on Sunday and wait and see how I feel as to whether or not I should fit in any kind of run longer than an hour. Looking at my schedule, the two remaining long runs are 3hr and 3.25hr and I feel that they are probably the workouts that induce the most physiological stress but without necessarily giving me enough benefit to be worth it - I think cutting each down to 2 hours may be in order, and adding in an extra 3-hour bike ride midweek next week instead.

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Danielle in Iowa in Ireland said...

I think that sounds smart. The thing with the run is that you know that you will probably be able to tough it out if you get to the run under the cutoff.