Friday, May 13, 2011

Friday easy bike

[Written c. 9:30 this morning. Still feeling rather fatigued, not so bad as earlier...]

Hmmm – I rode down to Chelsea Piers with the intention of doing an interval workout on one of the spin bikes there, but though I slept OK last night, my subjective self-assessment was of a state of fatigue so intense I could hardly see straight. (Residual tiredness from tossing and turning the night before, I think.) It was clear as soon as I was on the spin bike and checking out the HR monitor that I could hardly even pull up the HR into zone 2, let alone zone 3. I modified the program to what really is Friday’s workout on my training plan anyway, 1hr easy spin.

(I was trying to do intervals today as a way of catching back up on what I missed earlier in the week, but this is usually a mistake. I had two high-quality hard workouts yesterday and I have long days Saturday and Sunday, so it may have been unrealistic to try and squeeze this one in today anyway, even if I hadn’t felt so tired. I was thinking of the twenty-minute rule – the post at that link is much to the point!)

1hr easy spin

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Black Knight said...

Easy or not you work a lot on the bike. Is this your favorite sport (among the three)?