Friday, May 13, 2011

Thursday run, swim

[Written last night - very glad that Blogger is now back online!]

Thwarted in posting earlier due to an interruption in Blogger’s service. These workouts did not happen in quite such close proximity as the joint post implies – probably had about ninety minutes between (ate a PowerBar right when I got home from the run, but it was not quite enough to get me properly through the next bit of the evening; ate promptly, but was then and am still now suffering from a stomachache that I hope will soon go away!).


1:13, 6.73mi., warmup + 4 x 10min zone 3, 2 min recovery + cooldown


Warmup: 100 free, 100 IM

2 x (4 x 50 as IM transitions on 1:10: fly-back, back-breast, breast-free, free-fly)

And then a great main set that was very well geared to my current needs and fitness. I definitely couldn’t have swum this set in March, fitness is improving, though it is also to my chagrin that I’m not faster than this (I need to set aside some months sometime for some serious technique and fitness work, swim-specific – I just think there is a significant chunk of further improvement to be made if I really concentrate on it). There were three of us in the lane, and luckily for me one of the other two swimmers was a good counter and fast enough to lead!

15 x 100 as follows:

easy on 2:10, fast on 1:55

1 easy, 1 fast
1 easy, 2 fast
1 easy, 3 fast
2 easy, 4 fast

Then: 3 x 50 fast on :50, 50 easy (we did breast) on 2:10

1hr swim, 2500 yards total

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Black Knight said...

Sorry for the stomachache, I hope that now you feel good.
2 works in one day: a very good job.