Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Wednesday double spin

That was very good, though I shouldn't let things drift till so late in the evening - being sick and having the semester be over has caused me to revert to natural late-night, late-sleep-in-the-morning patterns. I have stuff tomorrow afternoon and evening that means I will only be able to run tomorrow, not to swim as well; that's OK...

Double spin class is a very good willpower-free way to get a decent chunk of Time On Bike. I was mindful of Gale Bernhardt's advice about not going out of zone 2 after a week off from training due to illness, but really other than continuing runny nose and phlegm in lungs I feel fine, so I figured it really would be OK. I think I am going to do as many of these 2-hour indoor efforts as my body tells me is wise over the next couple weeks - they are stress-free and quite enjoyable, I know it is not the same as riding outside but then there are no flat tires or tumbles either!...

(I'm riding with Lauren this weekend, a really good 6-hour one - I think we should be able to get all the way to Bear Mountain and back if we start from Fort Lee again - so that will have me in the real world as opposed to the spin world...)

2:04:28, avg HR 134, max HR 154

zone 1: 35:51
zone 2: 1:05:20
zone 3: 17:01
zone 4: 2:29

Two facts before I sign off: my presence in the second class was the occasion for the teacher to blast a song that everyone of my generation called Jenny knows all too well, with video also: 867-5309... and after class I had a delicious smoothie called the Popeye - it is full of spinach, it is ridiculously green, but it also has mango and pineapple and banana and echinacea, and it is delicious....

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Danielle in Iowa in Ireland said...

Glad to hear you survived! I hope it stays away for at least long enough for you to get another long ride in this weekend!