Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Tuesday run

I had a hugely grumpy morning. Monumentally sleepless night last night (natural consequence of having slept so long and well the night before), involving vast amounts of tossing and turning and the unpleasant feeling of never quite going under; at 1am I gave in and took a sleeping pill, only it had no discernible effect, so that today I had the worst of both worlds, sleeping-pill hangover without having had any significant period of unconsciousness!

Was up pretty early, really there was no point staying in bed, but it was thunderstorming like crazy and I truly could not persuade myself it was a good idea to go out in that kind of weather. In theory I was going to run in the morning and do the Columbia TNYA workout in the evening, so I was already pretty grumpy with myself at having to move the run later and miss the swim - however it turned out that Columbia has closed the pool at the last minute for repairs (Evil Pool Closures!), so TNYA was canceled anyway, and I definitely wouldn't have gotten downtown to swim, so that made the skipped morning workout less consequential.

I still just felt pretty awful in the early evening, but I knew a run would be the thing to make me feel better; I slightly wimped out, I meant to do the Central Park loop (from here on out, the Tuesday runs don't have those long zone 3 intervals, but instead should be done on rolling hills so as to get natural mix of zones 1-3), but I didn't have the vim, I decided it would be OK to do my usual flat Riverside run so long as I got out there.

As I picked up the GPS on my Garmin before getting started, I realized I hadn't put on the HR strap, but figured it would be unwise to go back up the stairs out of the park, up the hill and up in the elevator to my apartment for it - hard enough to get out the door the first time, didn't want to risk falling into torpor and skipping the workout altogether!

It's cool but muggy, it was a pretty nice run, within ten minutes I felt much better than I had all day so really the run was its own reward. Call it low- to mid-zone 2, I think, based on perceived effort?

I'm doing a spin workout with Lauren at Chelsea Piers tomorrow morning, but I think I will go down there earlier and do my missed swim first; that seems realistic, otherwise it won't happen, I have a bunch of sort of end-of-semester stuff still spilling over into tomorrow...

11:34/mi. avg. pace

(It is still very slow, but I feel like I'm finally getting my running mojo back, that was an enjoyable one; it is good! And a hot shower is going to be even better!)

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