Monday, October 12, 2015


Mondays continue to be my favorite day of the week this semester. Gave opening lecture on Tom Jones, then raced home to change and ride downtown to lift. Woo-hoo!

I think I could have had a slightly heavier weight for this, we never got a real max after the last cycle (the day we tested I was fried from masters swim the day before), but it was certainly heavy enough to represent a demanding workout!

After watching us all lift, Josh cut the next set (deficits 4 x 2) and then as two out of four were suffering tight backs (not me) and we had clearly totally lit up our central nervous systems, he basically just sent us home after having done a good day's work.

(Really I like working harder and longer, but it was fun for a change, and I had a lovely ride home along the waterat dusk, very relaxing.)

3 x 8 x 200

Farmer's walk x 4 (3 jogging with 37.5, 1 walking with 52.5 which my grip can't quite manage!)

1 set of shrugs - and then Josh made me stop! I was feeling my oats...

1hr lower body
10mi bike

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