Sunday, October 25, 2015


Yesterday was a wash - I had a much-needed Very Long Sleep, the afternoon passed without anything happening other than minor errands, I had a nice late-afternoon visit from a friend and then it was evening and I still had two TRAC chair reports that I couldn't write Friday afternoon because of my colloquium commitment! Got those done, happily, but couldn't drag myself out of bed this morning to run, and then had family commitment downtown midday and a meetup with a former student to talk about a letter of recommendation.

However it turned into the most beautiful day, and I was determined not to just flop on the couch - I got out the door a little late as the sun was already setting, but it was an absolutely lovely run, even running straight into the wind on the way home. Glorious!

Wanted less walking and more work than the spreadsheet workout had me doing (it was just the ladder down from 6 to 1 with equal parts rest), so I did it as follows:

10min warmup
2 x (6r/2w/5r/2w/4r/2w/3r/2w/2r/2w/1r/2w)

Running is feeling really good right now - still woefully slow of course, as I weigh too many pounds, but I'm not thinking about that for now, just enjoying the feeling of strength/power and not being too hot!

1.25hr total

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