Saturday, October 17, 2015

Run of bliss!

It's absolutely the best running weather of all - I love this season, with the hint of coming winter in the air - low 50s, sunny, only a bit of wind. I had a funny workout from David and doubled up the work set as it seemed a pity not to do at least an hour. I note that I am fit enough now that two hours of exercise a day feels better than just one one-hour session; it might be that I should do a spin bike session at home later on?

12 x 5 as follows:

2 x 4:1 warmup
2 x (4 x 5:00 as 4:00/1:00, 3:00/2:00, 2:00/3:00, 4:00/1:00, with speed increasing as interval length decreases)
2 x 4:1 cooldown

1hr total

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