Sunday, November 18, 2007

Recovery week

Which is not exciting, but will be sensible & also fit in with the holiday and the fact that I have a strangely huge other set of things going on over the next few weeks--not really strange, I suppose, it's always like this around this time of year:

Monday pm John Jay swimming
Tuesday CU morning swim
Wednesday am gym workout with M., followed by 30-45 min. on bike trainer
Thursday am run 5 easy in Riverside Park (then to New Jersey for the holiday, just for the day fortunately)

Not sure yet about Friday-Saturday-Sunday: one run somewhere in there (but maybe a bike-run workout), at least one swim if I can drag myself up to Riverbank State Park which I believe is my only available option Fri.-Sun. However I. says it is possible we might have a lesson after all on Saturday afternoon--the heat's off in the school over the Thanksgiving holiday, she says she had to stop teaching on that day because of all the little kids complaining about how cold the water was--but she thinks I will be stoical, and it is true that I am fairly impervious to cold and want to squeeze in as many lessons as possible before she has her baby...

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Unknown said...

Sounds close to ideal.