Tuesday, February 2, 2016


Very good afternoon work session in the cafe (work work, not athletic work!), then a fun upper body session with the team. I had that tendonitisy feeling in head of biceps that comes from swimming with poor technique, and perhaps should have eaten one more thing, but the factor that killed my first attempt at the bench work set was something that's been bedevilling me recently, namely concentrating so much on tucking elbows that I am moving bar down at a snail's pace and fatigue unduly soon! Josh cut the work weight back from 100-105 to 85 and it was fine thereafter, I felt good (though at the 1:20 mark I called it, there were still abs and rope pull but I needed food more than I needed either!).

Medicine ball slams (3 x 10 on each side, standing, winding up to side and then hammering it down hard)

5 x (10 ring rows, 5 pushups)

bench: 5 x 6 x 85

lat pulldown: 4 x 10 x misc. weights

1:20 total

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